New Duo Set to Replace MoFlava and Khutso Theledi as Hosts of Metro FM's 'Wake Up' Breakfast Show

announcement that the current hosts of Metro FM's popular breakfast show 'Wake Up' will soon be replaced by a new duo, DJ Sabby and Skhumba, and how f

There is a piece of information that has reached the ears of Tweetpals, and it concerns the hosts of Metro FM's breakfast show. Apparently, the current hosts, MoFlava and Khutso Theledi, will soon be replaced by a new duo.

The news was first shared on social media by none other than the renowned South African blogger, Phil. As soon as the news hit the internet, it caused quite a stir among fans of the show and the hosts themselves.

It is believed that the replacement duo will consist of DJ Sabby and Skhumba, two well-known names in the South African entertainment industry. According to Phil's post, the decision to replace the current hosts was made by the station's management team.

"Breaking news," wrote Phil in his blog post. "It looks like the current hosts of Metro FM's breakfast show, MoFlava and Khutso Theledi, will soon be saying goodbye to their listeners."

The news has since been confirmed by multiple sources, and it seems that DJ Sabby and Skhumba have already started preparing for their new roles as hosts of 'Wake Up On Metro FM.' The decision to replace MoFlava and Khutso Theledi has been met with mixed reactions from fans of the show, with some expressing disappointment and others looking forward to the change.

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